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For over 14 years, Vancouver Classics, a subsidiary of the Seville group, has focused on bringing innovative house ware and hardware products to homes and businesses, while providing the best design, quality and pricing. Working with the highest level of integrity and bringing the best value to our customers is still the heart and soul of our mission at Vancouver Classics.

Our team of award-winning industrial designers and engineers are continually researching and developing new products, while constantly improving our existing products. Our drive to innovate can not only be seen in our product design and construction and in our commitment to sustainability, but in our continual search for the latest trends, from home and office organization to the use of the hottest and most popular colors to the incorporation of durable and eco-friendly materials.

With a focus on innovation and quality, along with a commitment to exceptional customer service, support and satisfaction, there is no wonder why the world’s largest retailers continue to look to Vancouver Classics as a valuable supplier and retail partner. In addition to our numerous sales offices around the globe, we own and operate several manufacturing facilities and distribution warehouses. Our high volume production brings us low cost manufacturing and guarantees you the most competitive price.

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