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Total claims Management, Inc. (TCM) is a 3rd party transportation loss/damage claims management company.  TCM serves the entire logistics community with claims management applications for loss/damage claims and we specialize in both automotive and general freight claims.  TCM leads the transportation industry with innovative loss/damage claims management programs that are web-based.   

Our web-based applications for the filing of transportation related claims via the Internet, allows our customers to conduct claim transactions electronically with greater efficiencies and lower handling costs.  In addition, our staff is highly trained with over 75 years of experience processing claims.  Contact TCM today to see which solution is right for your company.

At TCM, we provide customized claims management programs designed to fit individual business needs, allowing our customers to focus on their core business. Our full service claims processing and information technology program integrates cutting edge information management with a human touch.

Our customers benefit with expedited claims processing, reduced transaction costs and increased management control of the claims filing and follow-up process. In addition to customized programs and complete claim outsourcing, TCM offers on site employee staffing and system leasing.

Contact TCM today to see which solution is right for your company. We will always strive to serve you with the philosophy represented by our mission statement:

TCM will provide all customers with quality claims management services based on competency and integrity with a non-biased, accurate and timely adjudication of claims.

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