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ECommerce IWS Web Merchant

Robust, Easy to Use, and Scalable

IWS Web Merchant - Standard eCommerce Solution
For new business or exiting business that requires a simple, easy to use, and with full featured capability to run your ecommerce website.

IWS is a full service ecommerce website design and development firm that helps empower our client's business. With our proven implementation methodology and superior ecommerce platform, our ecommerce solution can greatly enhance your online sales.


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ECommerce Web Merchant Features:

eCommerce Administration Module

  1. eCommerce Admin Module
    1. Activity Tracking Log
    2. User Management
    3. User Groups Right Management
    4. B2C Customer Management
  2. eCommerce Products Module
    1. Product Manager
    2. Product Categories Manager
    3. Featured Product List
    4. Product Status Manager
  3. eCommerce Order Management Module
    1. Order and Transaction Manager
    2. Abandone Cart Manager
    3. Order and Transaction Report Manager
    4. Transaction Status Manager
  4. eCommerce Promotion Module
    1. Coupons Manager
  5. eCommerce Website Content Manager
    1. Website Content Map
      1. Menu Manager
      2. Content Editor
      3. Image Manager
    2. Home Page Manager
      1. Flash Image Manager
      2. Default Image Manager
      3. Home Page Panel Manager
    3. News and Events Manager
      1. Current and Archive News Manager
      2. Promotion Features
    4. Notification Manager
      1. Low on Stock Emails
      2. Contact US Emails
      3. Customized Email Alerts
      4. Email Receipient Manager

For business that requres advance ecommerce features, high end product and category presentation, and additional promotional sales enhancer features, click on this link to get more information:
IWS Web Caravan - Advance eCommerce Solution

Interactive Web Solutions ecommerce website Integration team will provide the following solutions:

  • Custom website design, layout architechture, and rich user experience theme
  • Intergrate IWS Web Merchant ecommerce software to your custom design ecommerce website
  • Appoint a single point of contact Project Manager for your eCommerce project to ensure project process clarity, project time frame management, budget management, and overall project coordination
  • Production of your eCommerce website to full launch status
  • Client centric and solution oriented approach


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