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Interactive Web Solutions (IWS) Launches Total Claims Management, Inc. Corporate Website (

Dated: February 15, 2013


Total Claims Management, Inc. (TCM) wanted to have a business centric corporate website that would showcase their competency and integrity when it comes to transportation-related insurance claims. With this in mind, TCM went with Interactive Web Solutions (IWS), an interactive web agency that offers Custom Corporate Web Design and Development, Custom Web Native Application Development and Search Marketing services.


TCM was founded in September 2002 as a company that offers web-based software to support clients with their transportation-related insurance claims management.  TCM is the leader in third-party processing of transportation freight claims.  Its innovative web-based management software enables the company to process freight transportation issues online while offering other programs required by the industries and clients served. These programs allow TCM to deliver flexible solutions in a timely and efficient manner (source: 


TCM, being the largest company ever to work on transportation-related insurance claims, wanted a custom corporate website that would showcase their strengths as a company as well as provide their clients with customized claim management programs that would fit each individual business’ needs.  With this in mind, TCM sought IWS’ specialty with regards to custom application development to meet their needs.  


Interactive Web Solutions (IWS) Custom Application Development ( was utilized to provide Total Claims Management, Inc. (TCM) with a robust application development methodology and deployment process, which enabled the company to deploy their enterprise-based application with reduced cost and a faster development time frame. The IWS custom application development process and methodology gave TCM the ideal foundation for their web-based project by providing a robust and proven application framework that meet the company’s needs. 


To find out more about the Interactive Web Solutions’ Custom Application Development, please visit the Interactive Web Solutions website at


Interactive Web Solutions (IWS) is a premier custom website and development solution provider. IWS specifically designed custom web solutions that are multi-tiered for business and corporate websites to enable them a wide range of scalable and flexible development solutions.





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