Google, at its keynote speech during the Google I/O developer conference in the second week of May, said that web components are essential to the future of web development. Web Components are popular topics in the technology and web development niche.

Web Components are the frontier of web development – Google

Web Components are the frontier of web development – Google

The nature of Web Components is simple. It allows the easier creation of websites and integration of reusable widgets using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript already used by so many developers today.

Google engineers are working on Project Polymer, a web application framework based on the nature of Web Components. Through the project, developers can apply the Web Component ideas to all browsers, even if that browser does not yet support the technology.

Building websites with smart components is still a challenge faced by developers today. By allowing the reuse of frameworks and models, Web Components can speed up the process of web development. This is essential to the practice of ecommerce web design and other in-demand web-based projects.

With various templates under Web Components, websites will have better fluidity and navigation. Website owners can then gain credibility, allowing their products and services to reach groups of people in a limited time.

Web Components is supported in Chrome Canary, and developers are still waiting for Mozilla to add direct support for Web Components in Firefox. In line with this, the Polymer Project aims to bring Web Components to all browsers with the integration of polyfill. Polyfil allows code to be installed on to a webpage so that features not normally supported by that browser, to be utilised.

People are expecting that Web Components can contribute to the betterment of web design in Los Angeles. If the area of mobile web design in Los Angeles is improved, experts believe that website owners can gain maximum leverage in cyberspace.

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