Having a website today is like cultivating a garden where you can harvest crops to sustain you for a long time. Just like a garden, a website requires tremendous effort, right from the beginning. An important aspect of website creation is web design. This is the process that can determine if your website is potent enough to penetrate the market.

Top Mistakes in Web Design and Development

Top Mistakes in Web Design and Development

Before envisioning the success that a website can bring to your company, you first have to be aware of some common web design mistakes. By learning about these mistakes, you can have a refined web design bound to yield good results.

Navigational Flaw

Navigation in websites requires that your design covers the short attention span of viewers. The proverbial online visibility pie is cramped for public attention, so you have to keep in mind that a prospect generally spends only a few seconds in a website before profit is lost due to undelivered message.

A good website has an efficient navigation that packs a direct informational punch. To do this, you have to make sure that the pages of your websites are connected by an uninterruptible information flow. Cluttered web pages will gravely affect the sales of your business.

Contact details must also be provided in a professional manner. If your website does not include your business contact information, how can your customers reach you?

Call to Action

The “call to action” is another important factor. When compared to a website overfilled with text and senseless information, a simple site with a call to action button can attract more prospects. Large and colorful call-to-action buttons can capture the attention of prospects by making them curious about your product or service.

The location of this button is also crucial. If the position of the button seems irregular, it can affect the overall credibility of the website. Website owners need to know that that a misplaced call-to-action can cause overall sales to plummet.

Website Colors

A website can attract visitors because of the artistic combination of hues, contrasts, and colors. In online marketing, visual appearance plays as an attention-grabber. During website creation, you may be tempted to put a lot of colors to achieve a desired effect, but take note that if you combine colors without considering their psychological effects to viewers, you will only irritate prospects and lose them.

Sometimes, being modest in color combination can produce the right effect. Keep the colors of your website related to the style of your niche. If you are having problems determining the right website colors, you can consult with an ecommerce website design expert.

Weak Content

In cyberspace, content is king. If the content of your website has low credibility or quality, prospects and visitors may not trust your service at all. Readability is also another factor that must be considered in putting up effective web content. If facts are not readable and clear, customers will go to your competitors.

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