Responsive web design (RWD) is the current movement being followed by providers of web design services in Los Angeles in making websites more effective.

Things You Need to Know about Responsive Web Design

Things You Need to Know about Responsive Web Design

Basically, RWD makes a desktop website viewable across all devices regardless of screen size. The said technique eliminates the need for a separate mobile version compatible with tablets and smartphones, which are gaining a wider user-base today.

Aside from significantly saving time and money, here are other more specific characteristics of RWD:

  • RWD is not mobile design. The fact that RWD works in any mobile device does not put it on equal footing with mobile design. Mobile design is the specialized creation of a separate device-viewable website, while RWD is the calibration of a desktop-viewable site for it to fluidly adapt to the smaller screen size of smartphones and tablets.

  • RWD leverages on flexibility. Although the effort initially needed in refashioning a desktop site for mobile compatibility will be more time-consuming, the unmistakable flexibility that RWD offers is a great time- and money-saver in the long run. Once a desktop site has been coded with RWD, it will automatically adjust itself when viewed from any device regardless of screen size.

  • RWD is a developing design strategy that will become standard in the years to come. As mobile devices increase their market share, companies are going to innovate in terms of gadget design. As RWD becomes more commonplace, providers of web design services will be taking more and more RWD projects as well as projects for mobile web design in Los Angeles.

Many websites today have taken the lead in incorporating a responsive web design in order to accommodate both desktop and mobile users. Interactive Web Solutions, a provider of quality web design services in Los Angeles, is one model that has made its own website available to clients no matter the device used or the size of the browser.

Visit their website at on your PC and resize the window, or jump on your tablet or mobile site to experience the positive difference which RWD can have on user experience.

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