So far the year 2013 has brought many surprises to the average online marketer through the form of global trends that can be useful to all types of businesses.

The Most Strategic Web Design Trends for 2013

The Most Strategic Web Design Trends for 2013

These trends, during the early months of the year, have been capitalized by online professionals in order to reach one community or social group after another. Professionals also believe that online presence is parallel to the rate of income that a business can have.

According to the informational article by Catalin Zorzini entitled Content Marketing and the Latest Web Design Trends, the world of online content has evolved at a significant rate in less than a year. Along with this development, global web design trends have also changed.

Zorzini has also included in the article that content is still key, yet it must be integrated with professional web design. Many online strategists have also begun focusing on visual content since it can determine the success level of a business.

Here are the Known Trends Discussed in Zorzini’s Article:

  • Responsive Website Design. This may be a trend, but it is already essential as a discipline for website creation. A responsive website design simply means that the site is compatible with all devices. Aside from that, the website must also appeal to the emotions of the visitors and web users.
  • Special Effects and Minimalism. Special effects attract lots of visitors because of the interaction they offer to visitors. In order to be compatible with smart phones, special effects have adapted as traditional navigation on desktops because non-user friendly on mobile devices. At the same time, minimalism is also a growing trend, since more users prefer websites that can be understood with relative ease.
  • Embedded Videos. Zorzini has also emphasized the importance of embedded videos. Through videos, visitors will become more engaged and entertained. Embedding videos has also become easier through links.
  • Social Media Integration. The importance of social media is mirrored by the interactivity found in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all other social networking sites. With one click, content can be shared, improving the marketability of business websites. Marketers continue to recognize that social media trends are here to stay.

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