If an entrepreneur thinks that web design is not an important part of his business, then he might fail in his endeavor in the online arena. Web design in the modern age is now integrated with smart phone technology.

IWS Offers Slider Option for Modern Websites

IWS Offers Slider Option for Modern Websites

According to Pew Internet Project, 45% of American adults own a smart phone, and 25% of young adults own tablet computers. This is already a large market to contend with, depending on the niche of your website. If you want to gain the benefits of effective web design and smart phone connectivity, you need modern ecommerce website solutions.

Flash is a Thing of the Past

It is true that Adobe Flash has helped web designers create presentable websites, especially for business purposes. Flash is an important component in making presentations, videos, browser games, and even website parts. However, technology has evolved, and with the introduction of smart phone technology, Flash almost became obsolete.

One of the main issues with Flash is its incompatibility with Apple products like iPhone and iPad. If your client base is full of Apple users and your website operates with Flash, you may have a big problem.

Solution for a Demanding Market

Interactive Web Solutions (IWS), a web design company in Los Angeles, offers the latest methods that can take care of your website’s Flash problems. One issue with Flash is its toll on page loading, which when lapses more than five seconds leaves customers no other choice but scat. Then you losing potential customers is understandable. But it is not the only problem. Your website may also have a slider section that is incompatible with most mobile browsers. This will give search engines a hard time in tracking your website, thus affecting your SERPs ranking.

IWS resolves these problems by changing the interface of your website and removing Flash-based elements. With faster page loading, your website can generate more traffic than before, in turn creating more clients for your business.

IWS offers these three options:

  • Option A. For $299, IWS will convert your Flash section to JavaScript so that your website will perform better on smart phones. You still have control over the images integrated into your CMS.

  • Option B. Aside from JavaScript conversion, IWS will also add images to your current slider. Up to three maximum stock photos can be added. This option is available for $399.

  • Option C. For this last slider option, IWS will add up to three or more rotating images, which are customized according to your website’s business needs. You may email IWS regarding the price for this option.

About Interactive Web Solutions

IWS is known for its contribution to the industry of mobile app development in Los Angeles. The company also excels in creating e-commerce management systems to help clients reach out to larger markets. No matter how big or small the business, IWS provides competitive online visibility needed to guarantee success.

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