“UX” might be another term that is difficult to understand, but it actually carries a simple meaning: “user experience.”

User Experience refers to the feelings that an internet user has in relation to using a form of technology. One example is when a user browses through a certain website.

Why Website User Experience Matters

Why Website User Experience Matters

When using such technology, especially one related to the internet, users may experience the following emotional states: satisfaction, pleasure, joy, surprise, and achievement and flow.

User experience can be assessed intuitively. For instance, opening a website and seeing over-flashy graphics would more certainly irritate and confuse a user, making him or her head for the exit, fast. This is not the kind of reaction that a service provider of a professional web design wants to get.

With the tight competition among businesses for user attention, user experience becomes a defining aspect of website development. The game revolves more on putting forward the needs and desires of the client, and harnessing their capabilities in using the technology. When these two are not considered, a user destined to leave a website in minutes; thus, increasing a site’s bounce rate and leading to loss of prospective clients.

Another way of understanding user experience is providing a viewer worthwhile time on your website while letting him or her find what he is looking for.

With these in mind, user experience must be a top priority when creating a business website. Make sure to consider the following aspects when getting the best ecommerce website solutions:

  1. Suitability. This should be a top consideration in doing your custom ecommerce web design in Los Angeles.Understand that users have varying skills in utilising the internet. Thus, provide elegance for advanced users while giving simplicity to beginners. This criterion is simplified in a few words: keep it simple and usable.

  2. Speed. Users want to get what they need as quick as possible, so optimise your site for speed. Research shows that 30 percent of users leave a site if the loading time reaches or exceeds 5 seconds.

  3. Clarity. Users do not want to be left searching for functions, so make buttons and tabs visible. Also, create good content, branding, accessibility, pricing, and reviews.

Combining all of these criteria offers a good promise for a great website design that will keep customers coming back for more.

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