Gone are the days when you need to head to the library to research. Internet technology has taken over, and everyone is enjoying the accessibility and speed at which information is provided. But who would have thought that clicking with a mouse would also become a thing of the past?

Ways to Make your Website Faster on Mobile Devices

Ways to Make your Website Faster on Mobile Devices

These days, tablets and smart phones dominate, with more and more people using these devices to go online and connect with people. With these handy devices becoming increasingly popular and even more widely used, it is important for site owners to consider getting mobile app development in Los Angeles.

One issue that website owners need to address is loading time. Due to incompatibility, desktop sites may not load quickly when viewed on smaller screens, taking a toll on the likeability of those websites. Moreover, a research conducted by Lubov Cholakova revealed that 80 percent of mobile web users are dissatisfied with their experience with mobile web browsing.

Two factors affect page loading on mobile devices: connection type and device memory. Even though 4G is available, many locations still use 3G, which in some cases is slow when loading mobile pages. Furthermore, the memory of a device also helps in hastening page loading because internet connectivity requires RAM; if this accessible memory is insufficient, page load would take longer to complete.

How can this issue be addressed? According to Jeremy Weinstein, a Google Webmaster, site creators can consider the following techniques for mobile web design in Los Angeles:

  1. Reduce image dimensions. High-resolution images take longer to download and eat up download bandwidth.

  2. Provide a mobile version. Direct users on a mobile device to the mobile version of your website. This will significantly make loading performance better. Maintain site integrity and appearance. Make sure that the mobile site maintains important elements of the desktop version. This is important in order for users who use both to be able to transition between the two sites.

  3. Improve compatibility. Make your website viewable on different browsers and device manufacturers. Since each platform will display your site differently, you have to ensure that your sites can be displayed across the board. This will improve user experience.

If you need help, IWS can provide ecommerce web design Los Angeles services to improve your website.

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