Ecommerce website design for modern businesses needs to be well thought-out. Given that the requisites of this task are no match compared to just building a blog from a template or editing a photo with an online image editor, the website designer or developer must have access to some tools that will make designing easier, at the very least. Mozilla Firefox, an open-source web browser, is one secret of providers of web design services in Los Angeles in achieving their targeted design for customers’ websites.

Top 10 Useful Firefox add-ons for web developers

Top 10 Useful Firefox add-ons for web developers

Firefox has evolved tremendously through the years, and accompanying its constant improvement is the development of add-ons that are useful by web developers. These add-ons enhance the usability of the browser by offering new functions or making basic functions easier and more enjoyable to use. The best thing about them is that they are free. Web designers, expert or not, can utilize the following add-ons in designing e-commerce websites:

  1. Firebug. This add-on allows a designer to test and inspect front-end code. Some of its features include a console panel for logging information, a DOM inspector, and an area that displays detailed information on page elements.

Add-on: FireBug

  1. Font Finder. This one helps identify the font style and CSS style of a website in a flash. Selecting, right clicking, and then clicking on Font Finder reveals the styling of text on any website without the hassle of scouring through code.

Add-on: Font Finder

  1. ColorZilla. This tool is convenient for identifying colors used on a webpage. It is also easy to use: click the add-on icon, hover above the area in question, and then click to find out the color used. No need to view source code or use an external image-editing tool with the installation of this add-on.

Add-on: ColorZilla

  1. Web Developer. This is another highly recommended tool for every provider of web design and development services in Los Angeles.Web Developer allows a designer to disable CSS instantaneously, edit CSS using a simple interface, and measure the areas of a page, among others.

Add-on: Web Developer

  1. MeasureIt. This tool complements the previous one by allowing a designer to measure the width and height of a website element by drawing a ruler across it.

Add-on: MeasureIt

  1. HTML Validator. Code checking just becomes a less daunting task with this add-on that lets a designer identify code errors on the fly.

Add-on: HTML Validator

  1. IE Tab. This tool ensures perfect site compatibility with Internet Explorer. For developers using complicated codes on sites, IE Tab lets them determine possible issues when a site is viewed with IE. With this, errors are identified and corrected in every step of the development.

Add-on: IE Tab

  1. YSlow. Fast-loading websites is one of the goals of a good website design. Yslow, a product of Yahoo, analyzes a site and identifies elements causing sluggishness.

Add-on: YSlow

  1. ScreenGrab. This add-on allows one to save an image version of a web page on his or her computer. Capturing a part of a web page is also possible with ScreenGrab.

Add-on: ScreenGrab

  1. Adblock Plus. Not specifically for web developers, this add-on is useful for anyone who surfs the net who is suffering from slow loading time due to ads, Adblock Plus resolves the problem. Activating this add-on prohibits banners and advertisements from loading, in effect making web pages load faster.

Add-on: Adblock Plus

Firefox offers a lot of add-ons that make browsing more enjoyable, safer, and easier. With the mentioned tools, e-commerce website design becomes less troublesome for web developers. These add-ons are fully integrated with Firefox and can be downloaded for free from its store.

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