Through e-commerce, people are able to get the things they need faster than ever before. Currently, there are thousands of e-commerce websites competing for a nice piece of online profit. And if you are thinking of entering the e-commerce arena, remember that a simple but witty ecommerce website design can take you far.

5 Factors to Consider for a Better e-Commerce Website

5 Factors to Consider for a Better e-Commerce Website

But before creating one, consider these Five Factors to make your site more than just a blip.

1. Doors to your Business– Big, Colorful Buttons

Have you ever encountered a website with a viable service yet has a tedious presentation of lengthy sign-up forms? In any for-profit website, a prospective client stays for not more than forty seconds, unless the site has an entertaining gimmick. If your site fails to deliver your product’s message within that critical period, your prospects will go for other competitors–a potential profit lost.

Visual aesthetics plays an important role in this. It has been proven that images stimulate the senses more than what words can do. Hence, be catchy with your website’s sign-up buttons. Rather than a small button with less visual impact, why don’t you go for a large one that shows your commitment in delivering optimum service? Large call-to-action buttons attract more people, and these can affect your e-commerce website’s conversion rate significantly.

2. Avoid the ‘Registration Trap’

Websites with good e-commerce web design takes care of pre-purchase registration problems. Commonly, most website owners require customers to register first before they can proceed with the actual shopping phase. In truth, this is not very effective, for prospective buyers will feel constrained and obligated to follow your website’s rules if they need to register before actually shopping; and you might lose them right away if the registration process is too long.

The solution: Cut the registration trap in the early phase. Let the buyers know more about your products and services first, then let them register later. Also, keep the registration page concise; after all, you only need to know their contact numbers and email addresses, not their astral signs.

3. One Good Video to Win their Hearts

Compared to images, videos attract people better since they convey actions and scenarios. But this does not mean that you have to overload your website with videos. If you are selling a product or service, provide a video that can clearly present its features and benefits to customers. Instead of multiple videos that explain each of your products or services, create a compact, one-minute video instead about the basics of your website and your Unique Selling Proposition (USP).

Remember to achieve balance: make the video concise and witty, not long and roundabout.

4. Notifications–More than Just Alerts

It is important to fine-tune your e-commerce website’s notification system. Do not leave your customers scrambling in the dark with unanswered questions. With every purchase, notify your customers. They must also be notified once their payments were successfully made, or in case of failed processing due to certain conditions. It is understandable that mishaps cannot be avoided, but it is your duty to inform your customers about buying problems and the possible solutions.

5. Nothing Beats Live Chat Support

A good practice of website design in Los Angeles ensures that communication with customers is maintained. A live chat support is one of the final touches that you can include on your website. Aside from its professional connotation, it also lets your customers share their concerns and suggestions, in effect increasing your brand’s likeability, especially if their concerns are handled well.

By taking these factors seriously, your e-commerce website will have a better edge in competition. And more than that, you will be able to establish long-term trust with your customers.

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