The concept of responsive web design (RWD) has taken the web development world by storm, leaving expert designers indecisive whether to join the trend or continue with the current ways. But with the future of web development being RWD for many, there is high chance that its use will be elevated to mainstream within a few years.

Responsive Web design The future of Web Development

Responsive Web design The future of Web Development

Every web design company in Los Angeles is aware of the importance of utilizing a responsive design in websites. However, users and business owners are still on a different plane, even skeptical of the possible benefits such design can impact on their site’s usability.

With desktop and laptop sales plunging every year, it is foreseeable where the tide is going. Many users are preferring smartphones and tablets both for being handy and allowing them to get online with a tap of a connectivity icon. And with this, old-fashioned websites need to be re-calibrated in order to adapt to the smaller screen size of various devices. By using RWD, owners can have sites that are multi device-friendly by permitting minimal panning, scrolling, and resizing. In effect, users can have a unique but easy experience due to the seamless compatibility.

Despite the promise of RWD, the concept still presents considerable challenges to designers and site owners. One is the issue on advertising, which entails the taking down or moving of ads on mobile sites that are present on the desktop counterpart. Advertisers who want guaranteed placements on sites will need to take the brunt, and reconsideration’s on both sides must be effected. Yet another issue is the layout of information on mobile sites; with smaller screen, information from desktop sites needs to be trimmed and restructured. Other minor but important issues to consider are loading time, market education, and cross-platform support.

Businesses who are still uncertain of the new design trend should look at their site’s percentage of audience using smartphones and tablets. Google Analytics Mobile Overview Report readily provides the numbers, and if a site has more than 5 per cent of users on mobile devices, it is suggested to accommodate that market and employ mobile web design techniques.

There are many reasons why businesses should switch to RWD, but one that carries so much weight is the idea that business owners must always be abreast with what is digitally possible. Interactive Web Solutions provides mobile web design in Los Angeles.

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