Businesses are pressed with coping with the fast-paced technological advancement we are experiencing now. Gone are the days when we surf with a desktop or laptop within the confines of our homes or cafes. With the current trend of using a smartphone to go online, there is an urgent need to make all for-profit websites to be viewable across all devices. Thus, we see the burgeoning industry of online web design companies providing professional ecommerce website solutions.

Reasons Why You Need to Prioritize a Responsive Web Design

Reasons Why You Need to Prioritize a Responsive Web Design

Every new technology presents a challenge. With tablets and mobile phones having smaller screens, desktop websites flunk in terms of viewability and compatibility. But companies providing good mobile web design in Los Angeles can overcome this challenge by utilizinga technique: Responsive Web Design (RWD).

Taken by its first word—responsive—this web design technique allows websites to adapt according to the screen size of the device they are accessed from. This provides an easier experience for customers, for they no longer need to switch devices in order to access the full content of a website. RWD eliminates compatibility eye sores, makes cross-platform navigation easier, and provides no restrictions in terms of device type.

Aside from the mentioned benefits, here are some other reasons why you should switch from traditional to responsive web design:

  1. Going mobile does not mean abandoning your current URL. With RWD, your desktop website URL remains the same as the mobile URL, so there is no need for adjustment on the part of your customers.

  2. A site that uses RWD is easier to crawl by search engines, and therefore has SEO benefits. For bloggers, RWD is necessary in order for Google not to flag contents as duplicate, which can negatively impact on ranking. With the use of smartphones transcending age and generational barriers, responsive web design must become a priority for website owners. A website written with good, responsive code will be accessible to millions of smartphone and tablet users.

  3. RWD is a time and money-saver because it eliminates the need for a separate site for desktop and mobile. Without having to pay designers to maintain two sites, you save money for your business.

  4. Making your website accessible anytime and anywhere creates satisfied customers and users. Over time, this builds up trust that can eventually become profit.

Responsive web design is the first thing that business owners should prioritize when building a new website. Doing so does not only modernize a business website, but it also becomes easier to manage and maintain.

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