High bounce rate and low traffic are two factors that drain the hope of novice website and blog owners for making it big online. They are unaware that it takes more than a good concept and an easy-to-remember URL to make people stay longer than the critical, first ten seconds.

Reasons Why Visitors Don't Stay Longer on your Site

Reasons Why Visitors Don’t Stay Longer on your Site

The first step towards effective ecommerce web design is having a solid foundation and structure. Optimize the site in order to increase its likeability among visitors so they will stay longer browsing. Below are the common reasons why visitors exit your site in a snap.

Why they don’t stay long and what you can do about it:

  1. Providers of web design services in Los Angeles should be aware that a user gauges the usability of the site the moment he or she opens the page. But a user may not even get to this phase if the site takes too long to load. Aside from giving the user the impression that the site is not good at all, slow page loading times can also be disappointing for the user.

What can you do . . .

  • Keep the number of posts per page to a minimum of five or six. Overloading your page with posts significantly impacts loading time, especially if the page has many images.

  • Keep image sizes small. As much as possible, your images must be only enough to provide a breather for the eyes of your visitors. Two or three images per post is acceptable, unless your post is about a list that necessitates an individual image per item.

  • Keep ads to a minimum. It is a no-brainer that your visitors are there to view your content, not your ads. Hence, too many ads will not only overpower your content, but they will also make your site simply annoying.

  1. A website that has unnecessary sounds upon loading annoys users. These sounds may come from ads or the design of the website itself; however, the former is more likely. The effect: visitors confused about why the sound is even there.

What can you do . . .

  • If possible, tell your advertisers to stick to simple ads without sounds.

  1. Another peeve among surfers are pop-up windows when a site loads. They are obtrusive, making users think that they are being blocked from accessing the site due to the blurry or grayed background of the pop-up. These are commonly seen in sites that sell products or request visitors to sign up for a newsletter. Reputable businesses supplying e-commerce website design in Los Angeles are conscientious about the use of such technique because they are aware of the initial reaction of visitors.

What can you do . . .

  • If you cannot get rid of pop-ups, prevent them from graying out the site, or put them away from the center of your page. Also, make the pop-up easy for the user to close.

  1. One important criterion in e-commerce web design is that everything should be streamlined, given that users are always in a hurry. This means making your website easy to navigate.

What can you do . . .

  • Use a simple navigation style; make everything easy to find.

  • Begin with a clear font style to make content easy on the eyes.

  • Put up a search feature to assist users in finding what they need.

  1. Aside from pop-ups, flashing graphics are another element that irritate users. This technique indicates desperation to catch attention, and violates the etiquette of web designing.

What can you do . . .

  • Incorporate graphics, but get rid of the flashy effect. If animation is required, opt for more subtle effects such as fade in/out.

In designing a website, always remember to put your users’ satisfaction as top priority. Doing so will not only lead you to the right path of a successful e-commerce web design, but it will also make your site at par with the best but simple ones.

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