Businesses today are seeing the importance of the internet for their expansion. Though small-scale businesses are still budget-pressed with putting up a website, most have already shifted from desktop to mobile not only to take part in the trend, but also to ensure that they are able to keep customers who are on the go.

The Importance of Responsive Web Design to Businesses of All Sizes

The Importance of Responsive Web Design to Businesses of All Sizes

A recent Pew Research study revealed that 78 per cent of teens now own a mobile phone, while 47 per cent have their own smartphone. This mobility challenges many companies on what they can do with their desktop websites in order to keep up with the trend. This is where a reliable web design company in Los Angeles comes in; with the help of such company, website owners will be able to cross all borders in terms of website compatibility across devices.

Chris Horton, a content creator and digital strategist for Integrated Digital Marketing Agency SyneCore Tech in Minneapolis, gives two conclusions regarding the mobile shift.

  • First is that a website is a company‚Äôs primary hub, the core of its online presence (for some businesses, social is the primary hub, and a website is the secondary hub).

  • Second, a fully optimized website for all mobile devices should be prepared by every company or business.

The second conclusion directly points to the relevance of a responsive web design in the shifting of a business to mobile.

Using the concept of responsive web design when considering mobile web design allows the creation of only one website that is compatible with all mobile devices. In turn, there is no need to create separate websites for different desktop and mobile platforms.

Responsive web design for your e-commerce website is a great time- and money-saver. Not only does it give users a great browsing experience, but it also saves business owners money, as they only need to spend for one site that adapts accordingly for mobile access.

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