In a strategic move, Alliance Inspection Management (AiM) engaged the ecommerce website design services of Interactive Web Solutions (IWS). AiM business strategists chose to rely on IWS because of the company’s modern methods on increasing the visibility and marketability of websites. IWS, operating on a timely manner and systematic logistics, in turn created e-commerce and marketing websites for AiM.

AiM Chooses IWS for a Complete e-Commerce Website Design Project

AiM Chooses IWS for a Complete e-Commerce Website Design Project

Alliance Inspection Management excels in conducting automotive inspections for people who want to buy and sell cars. The services of the company also extend to large-scale business-to-business transactions for other companies that have hundreds of cars to sell. The professionals working for AiM ensure that the latest strategies in car inspection are applied to meet the expectations of clients. The company also understands the demand for car inspections in the automobile industry. Handling multiple clients is also an easy feat for the company because of its well-organized logistics plan and superb customer relations process.

After reviewing the goals and vision of Alliance Inspection Management, IWS has started its professional groundwork. The experts at IWS understand the intricate process of website creation and marketing, so they conducted a thorough analysis. During the research process, IWS highlighted several focal points, such as the urgent need for automobile inspection, the types of vehicles ‘popularly’ suggested for inspection, and the main concerns of AiM clients. Through these focal points, IWS has completed an e-commerce web design campaign for AiM.

IWS has also focused on the business-to-business (B2B) aspect of AiM to help the company undergo significant growth in a short time. The improvement is also projected to bring more clients to AiM and increase its position in the market. Branding consultants overlooked AiM’s brand strength and competitiveness. Based on their observation, AIM has a high-quality brand, but it can be reinforced through a consistent branding process. Aside from a better branding campaign, IWS consultants have explained to AiM that a flexible e-commerce website can secure the international position of the company for many years to come.

AiM has requested another company initiative from Interactive Web Solutions. According to AiM’s owners and general managers, the company can benefit from better social media visibility focused on automated and digital car inspection. After reviewing the request, IWS has committed to the action and implemented it directly.

Interactive Web Solutions is known for its professionalism in web development, consulting, web marketing, branding, and other web-based solutions. Through dynamic strategies, the company is leading the way in the field of web design in Los Angeles. Clients can visit in order to gain more information about the services and company background of IWS.

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