If the homepage of a website is the facade of an online company, the sign-up page serves as the main door. As a website owner, you must have an enticing homepage to attract customers, but you must also give importance to the overall appearance of your sign-up page. It is this page that transforms prospective buyers into customers, who are the source of more profits and eventual growth of your company. Do not be among many failed websites over the internet that repel customers because of their boring and unintuitive sign-up pages. Better, strive to be one of the below sites with cleverly designed main doors.

5 Examples of Cleverly Designed Sign-up Pages

5 Examples of Cleverly Designed Sign-up Pages

Ballpark – the Power of T

Ballpark, an online time-tracking and invoicing application, puts emphasis on testimonials, which are also heavily considered by ecommerce website solutions experts. Ballpark uses not only word-based testimonials, but it also supplements words with images in order to increase trustworthiness. The word-image testimonial combo is located next to the registration fields on its sign-up page, and that strategy is what adds professionalism to the site.

Campaign Monitor – All about Trust

Trust is the bread and butter of Campaign Monitor, an online company that offers paid and customized marketing campaigns. The sign-up process in the website is somewhat lengthy, but what makes you continue further is the sight of the logos of several of the companies that utilised Campaign Monitor’s services. Some of these big-shot companies are Facebook, Twitter, WWF, Intel, Apple, and Nike. The presence of these well-known logos will foster trust amongst the user.

Buffer – Social Media Integration

Bufferapp, a social media sharing tool, gives users the ability to sign-up or sign-in using their existing social media accounts. The website’s sign-up page allows you to log in authorise access to your social media account, and access your personal details from those existing accounts so that users don’t have to re-enter the information. An up-to-date web design in Los Angeles can have social media integration that improves conversion rate.

Squarespace – Design First, Sign up Later

Squarespace, a CMS and website hosting service, utilizes the ‘sign up later’ strategy or ‘free taste’, allowing customers to explore the site first and create their website according to their preferred design. Once satisfied they can proceed by their own volition with the actual sign-up process. Understandably, many websites have already used this strategy because visitors are already committed to the process and therefore more probably to sign-up once presented with the option.

KISSmetrics – Bold, Brazen, Brilliant

KISSmetrics is a rival to Google Analytics and has unique features that help business owners track down important customers, among other benefits. The sign-up page of KISSmetrics is located prominently on the homepage, and it shows a bold statement of its advantages over Google Analytics. The submit form utilises ‘continue’ instead of ‘sign up’ which rouses clients’ curiosity, prompting them to follow through and see what KISSmetrics has to offer.

Apply one or multiple of these ideas for a successful sign-up form for your ecommerce website in Los Angeles. But you are of course free to come up with a fresh, breakthrough idea. Creativity is your tool that can help your business outshine competition.

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