With the advent of the internet, one adjustment that journalists are making is learning how to create or design their own website. Website design skill is especially important if they are required on their job to publish content on online pages. There are online magazines and newspapers that resort to ecommerce website solutions from professional companies, but there are also those who are requesting writers to be knowledgeable about uploading and layout. Hence, journalists need to broaden their skill set from just knowing writing to knowing designing.

Website Design Tips for Journalists

Website Design Tips for Journalists

Here are Some TIPS and Tricks that Journalists May Find Helpful:

  • Simple over Complex. The saying that “simple is boring” does not apply to web design. On-the-go people want to satisfy their hunger for information fast, so they only seek for the gist of a story. For this, a simple website is best. The website’s color must follow a palette, and the layout and typographic style for all articles must be uniform.
  • Consistency. Articles, especially those with headings, must have a consistent format. Follow a coordinated coloring and font styling in order not to disorient your readers in their information search.
  • Voice Expression. Be different in such a way that your website still shows your personality and voice.

To supplement the above, Here are Some Tips from providers of Web Design Services in Los Angeles:

  • Use grids to make your layout orderly and organized; this will help your readers find articles faster.
  • Repeat elements. Maintain the continuity and organization all throughout your website by using the same elements as needed.
  • Use white space. Many web design Los Angeles service providers use white space in order to bring the attention of a reader to a specific part of the website.
  • Establish hierarchy. As a journalist, you should know the value of each article. Indicate prominence of content by ordering them by a certain hierarchy.
  • Consider texture and depth. These two are little bits that make content more stylish.
  • Use colors. Convey meanings or reinforce them by using colors properly.
  • Consider contrast. Importance is sometimes achieved by using contrast.

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