If you already have a website for your business for desktops and laptop computers, then you have already reached step 1 in the process of an ecommerce website. Through your website, your customers will be able to follow your company and its programs, projects, and promotions. Even if they do not get out of their house to personally visit your store or office (if you have any), they will still be able to connect with you and be able to see what you have to offer.

Ways To Enhance Your User Targeting for Mobile Web

Ways To Enhance Your User Targeting for Mobile Web

However, with the rise of smartphone usage, your website should also be mobile friendly. Mobile gadgets usually do not have the same specs as the desktop and laptop computers. In many instances, the smartphone cannot read or display the website properly.

Before you start your mobile web design, you need to identify first the users of these phones. Unlike those who are using the desktop who are sitting comfortably in their chairs, the mobile phone users may be doing other things simultaneously like waiting in line or catching a bus.

Basically, Here are the TYPES of Mobile Phone Users:

  1. The casual surfer is the one who is surfing the web for no particular goal at all. They may just be waiting for friends or just desiring to look around.
  2. The repeat visitor is one who visits a site repeatedly to get some news or information. Therefore, if your company website is about giving updates to users, ensure its ecommerce web design and development is easy to to use wherein with just a few clicks, the user is able to find what he or she is after.
  3. The “urgent now” visitor obviously needs the information fast. Therefore, you should design your mobile web in such a way that is fast to load and provides instantaneous information.

It’s important to identify the type of phones that are being used. With today’s innovations in mobile telephones, devices come in different shapes, designs, and resolutions. Some are a perfect squares while some others are rectangular. Knowing all these details will help you come up with a mobile website that is suitable for the users.

Remember also that certain phone manufacturers have made their units more unique and special compared to other brands. Take the iPhone for example. Unless it has been jailbroken, the phone will not play flash. Websites, therefore, can make use of the HTML5 video. However, a flash Backup will really be useful especially for non-supportive browsers.
These are some of the factors to help you plan your ecommerce web design and development strategy.

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