When having a website, it is equally important to consider its design and usability so that users or viewers will have a pleasant experience using it. Even if you have the most informative content, customers will head out of your site if they cannot navigate through the website easily and conveniently, increasing your bounce rate.

Tips for eCommerce Web Design and Usability

Tips for eCommerce Web Design and Usability

Roman Viliavin, Vice CEO of Promodo SEM Company
, offers the following TIPS for your ecommerce web design and usability .

  1. Search Filters . Your site should make use of a simple and clear system of search filters.

  2. Search Box should be Easy to Locate . For sites that use the concept of ecommerce website design, it is important that the search box should be placed visibly so that customers may be able to type in their query to quickly find what they are searching for.

  3. Identify which Products are on Stock and which Ones are out of Stock . When a customer wants to buy a certain product, they can know instantly if the product is available instead of getting right to the check-out page and finding out the disappointing news. It’s better from an SEO perspective to keep the page online, even if the product is not available any longer, than removing the page entirely.

  4. Good Quality Photos . Remember that the only way a customer can have an idea of the item is through the photos. Therefore ensure your photos are as clear and vivid as possible.

  5. Bread Crumbs. Bread crumb trails allows the visitor to quickly orient themselves on your website and know your sites structure so they can locate other products in your ecommerce website.

  6. Mega Menu. It is a useful solution if your ecommerce website design has a lot of options or menus whereby all your site’s categories and subcategories can be easily viewed from a fly out menu. Again, users can locate the products they are looking for quickly.

  7. Clean Pages. Just as you don’t like to visit a dirty shop, people don’t also like to visit a dirty, cluttered, and disorganized website. You should make sure that the categories and subcategories are well-arranged.

  8. SEO and Ecommerce Web design Should Go Together . When designing your website, take into account important SEO techniques and incorporate them.

  9. Social Media . With social media being able to reach a very wide fan base, it should be utilized by your site when you do your ecommerce website design by placing icons of the social media with links to your site, so visitors can quickly share your page or join your social media groups.

  10. Newsletter Subscription. This is important for marketing as you are able to contact potential buyers. Be sure that it is easy to locate the newsletter subscription tool.

  11. Testimonials. Many people consider other customers’ opinion of your website. So to entice them, put a testimonials corner or block on your website. Encourage your customers to leave their own testimonial there.

  12. Contacts. Putting your contact numbers and even other pertinent information not only invites your customers to ask questions but also to trust you.

  13. Be Specific about the Final Cost of the Purchase. Be upfront with the exact amount the user has to pay for his purchase. Hidden charges are a major no-no.

  14. Add to Cart”. This icon should be clearly visible as it invites and motivates the customer to buy your products.

  15. Consider the Shopping Cart . When a customer has added a product to the shopping cart, make it easy for the customer to check-out by ensuring it is easy to find and access the check-out once they have finished shopping.

  16. Have a Simple Check Out Page. Remove distractions from your check-out page, and allow the user to quickly complete the purchase process.

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