Every individual who is interested in mobile web design should understand how important it is to consider having Responsive Web Design or RWD.

Responsive Web Design Needs to be Balanced with Usability

Responsive Web Design Needs to be Balanced with Usability

RWD enables your valued users and customers to be able to access your website content anywhere they need it, regardless of the device they are using. Sometimes, it is not suitable to have a separate website built purposely for a mobile device, considering that you will have two sites to maintain and update. It might be more worthwhile to create one website which can be viewed on both pc/laptop monitors as well as mobile devices with smaller and varying screen sizes

It is undeniably the ultimate way to make sure that your website is suitable to the preference of the mobile customer. However, the sad part is that many website designers have ignored website’s usability because they focus too much on RWD. Both have to be always balanced when you engage in web design.

There are websites that are very trendy that the designers have failed to consider the usability aspect of their website. Practitioners of mobile app development have to remember not to make their users “think”. This means that everything should be easily found on the pages of the websites.

No matter what the website features, it has to do the most basic task which is to give the desired information to the user. To achieve this, navigation should be made easy. With mobile gadgets being smaller than the desktop and laptop, surfing should still be made easy to navigate. When placing your icons and buttons, they should be of ideal size or else the customer will find it difficult to see or use.

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