Microsoft has released an updated version of its WebMatrix tool bundle, and with this, companies that provide professional ecommerce web design and development services will be able to have fuller and better control of their websites. Called the WebMatrix 3, the bundle includes a Web Server, database engines, as well as a variety of programming languages that are useful to web designing.

Microsoft Delivers Webmatrix 3 Web - Development Tool Bundle

Microsoft Delivers Webmatrix 3 Web – Development Tool Bundle

It may be recalled that WebMatrix was first released three years ago which was just a collection of the lightweight version of Microsoft’s IIS Express.

Basically, the WebMatrix 3, unlike the ISS Express version three years ago, allows users to create, publish, and maintain websites with more ease. With it, developers such as those involved in Los Angeles web design will be able to install and publish open source applications, giving them full control in designing and maintaining their sites.

This latest version of WebMatrix integrates with, Windows Azure, Git, and the TFS source-control systems of Microsoft.

Additionally, web designers can access “Antares,” Microsoft’s web hosting framework.

According to the promotional page of Microsoft for the WebMatrix release, “When you create local projects, you’ll be able to instantly get a companion website in Windows Azure without ever leaving WebMatrix. Using the Publish button, you can easily keep these sites in sync and save your changes to the cloud.”

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