Businesses are realizing the benefits of SEO or Search Engine Optimization. SEO is about making a website appeal to search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, so that they will rank higher in search results pages.

Knowing SEO Benefits of Responsive Web Design

Knowing SEO Benefits of Responsive Web Design

Among the targets of SEO is utilizing responsive web design or RWD. RWD puts together CSS, CSS3, and JavaScript in order that a site design can appropriately become larger, smaller, or reorganize content based on the size of the user’s screen.

RWD is very important especially that it saves the time of experts in ecommerce website solutions as they no longer have to create different variations to a site just to accommodate the screen size of the different users. This is in consideration of the fact that people already use touch-screen devices, use mobile internet with their smartphones, and prefer to have a more beautiful mobile surfing experience. With the responsive web design, screens as big as 27 inches and as small as three and a half inches can display sites anytime.

So How Does the Responsive Web Design Benefit the User and Website Owner?

1. It Minimizes Bounce Rate
Bounce rate is the number of users who click on your URL and then leaves. You want to have a lower bounce rate, as it means fewer people are leaving your site, and less quickly. If your website has been designed so that it is responsive, users can view your site as you intended no matter what browser or device they are using.

2. Traffic Visiting One URL
Unlike dedicating another website specifically for mobile devices, if you just have the one website which all your visitors are accessing, there’s no need to be maintain multiple websites or worrying about duplicate pages. Additionally, there is only one website to do SEO and link building for.

If you want your own websites to have RWD or have search engine optimization performed, then you can call on a Web Design Company in Los Angeles like Interactive Web Solutions.

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