It seems it is not too early to teach your child ecommerce web design and development. Teaching a child how to program becomes easier, with the release of Web Designfor Babies, a new educational book by John Vanden-Heuvel.

John Vanden-Heuvel Releases Web Design for Babies

John Vanden-Heuvel Releases Web Design for Babies

Vanden-Heuvel created the early-learning book for children which introduces the coding concepts of HTML, CSS and Javascript, more commonly utilised in web design. This book follows his two previous releases entitled HTML for Babies and CSS for Babies. “I had the idea of representing the main web design code languages as kid book characters. Feedback from the first two books made me realize people wanted more real info/lessons in the web code/baby/geeks in training world,” said the author.

In order for the child to understand each programming language, Vandel-Heuvel makes use of three guides—Mark, Cassy, and Javier—who give examples through the pop-up pages of the book.

Vandel-Heuvel stated that the book is appropriate for older kids who are already starting to reach out and pick things with their motor skills. The lift-a-flaps was seen as a cool and interesting way to present the interactivity of a real web page.

Aside from that, the coloured images, cute characters, and attractive illustrations will keep the children hooked to the book.

Employees at a web design company in Los Angeles might be happy to know that their children have new pathways to learn programming at such an early age.

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