When you visit a website, do you look immediately at the textual contents? Don’t you first check out the design or layout?

More often than not, internet users consider a website’s design to be equally important as its content. Therefore, if you are planning on creating a website, your ecommerce website design must be an initial priority.

Importance of Color Combination in Web Design

Importance of Color Combination in Web Design

First, you have to think about the color. Understand that people are highly visual, so they tend to prefer websites with outstanding visual appeal. Hence, your ecommerce website design has to play with different palette variations in order to get the perfect marriage of colors from the top to the bottom of your pages.

The importance of color in websites, in fact, is grounded from research results. The Institute of Color Research has found out in its survey that a huge number of customers use color combination in assessing whether or not to buy a product. The research adds that the duration for assessing a product item takes between one and one and a half minutes. In a nutshell, this shows that your website’s color presentation may make or break your chances of selling products.

Here are Some TIPS when considering Colors for your custom ecommerce web design:

  1. Avoid restrained or relaxing colors if your target market is composed of young people. Conversely, avoid colors that are too vivid and loud if your target customers are a bit older.

  2. Avoid relying on prejudices. For instance, pink should not be automatically used on your ecommerce website designeven if you are catering to women. Take time to consider your audience.

  3. Consider color meanings in different cultures. For example, if you have a purple website, it might be associated with prostitution in Arab countries.

When using a color on your website, think of the possible meaning it may have on your visitors. Below are some of the common meanings associated with some most used colors.

  1. Red stands for passion, heat, excitement, and power.

  2. Blue stands for coolness, patience, loyalty, freedom, peace, and trustworthiness. However, it may also mean sadness or depression.

  3. Green means life, restfulness, health, wealth, and prosperity.

  4. Yellow stands for light and optimism.

  5. Orange is the color of friendliness, energy, warmth, and approachability.

  6. White is popularly related to cleanliness and purity, youth, freshness, and peace.

  7. Black represents power, elegance, mystery, and secrecy.

  8. Brown is the color of strength and comfort, stability, and credibility.

  9. Pink is the color of romance or femininity.

  10. Violet is the shade that represents sophistication, wisdom, and celebration.

To help you make the right color selection, you can ask your provider of professional website design in Los Angeles about tools:

  1. Adobe Kuler. This site has preset colors for you.

  2. ColourLovers. This focuses more on chromatic trends.

  3. ColoRotate. This tool uses 3D presentation for your color palettes.

  4. Color Scheme Designer. This has received a new update with its new color-scheme- generating engine.

  5. Toucan. With this, you can choose up to 20 colors for each palette by either color considering association or by using an uploaded image.

Do not forget to experiment with the best possible color combinations for your website. This factor is an important one that may even affect the mood of your users and give them a good impression about your site.

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