In today’s competitive world, the best tool you can have to outrun the competition is to apply good ecommerce web design. Generally online shopping stores are the most in need of effective ecommerce web design in order to engage customers to browse the products services and make a purchase.

Things You Need To Know About Ecommerce Web Design

Things You Need To Know About Ecommerce Web Design

Ineffective ecommerce web design and development can result in clients navigating away from your website and ultimate not purchasing any items.


Here are Some Helpful Tips to avoid this:

1. Basic Information

Be ready with your basic information like email address, telephone number, name and location. This is a common mistake of web designers and business owners when they get too preoccupied putting on their products that they forget to include the most basic details. Online stores may not necessarily have a physical location, but customers should feel assured they can contact you if they need to.

2. Photos

Include photos of your products and transparent pricing. Aside from being easy to navigate, your website should make it easy for the customers to find what they are looking for. Besides that, making a decision to buy an item is faster because they can already see how much the item is.

3. Payment Types

Display the type of payments you accept. When people buy products, they want to make sure that before they fall in love with the product, they have the means to pay for it. This includes having an account or credit line with the method you are using. You can either accept payments through the credit card or through Pay Pal.

4. Security

Make sure your payment pages are secure, and assure your customers with logos and security seals.

5. Navigation & Search

Arrange items in such a way that customers won’t be confused as to where to look for them. Categorize them, if possible, so that when they enter the keywords, the items appear in a logical order.

Effective ecommerce web design makes a good experience for your customers.

From the Management perspective of ecommerce web design and development, these are the areas which require consideration:

  • CRM – Ecommerce application for customer relations management. Manage customer orders and inquiries. When done properly, this can save your business time and money.
  • Admin Dashboard where the administrator can update the items and data that appears on the website.
  • Secure Admin Area – Ensure sensitive client data such as credit card information and personal details are kept secure, protected by passwords and only those with authorization are allowed to access that material
  • Powerful Servers – as your business grows, be sure that the server where your website is hosted is capable of catering to your growing traffic with 100% uptime and fast responsiveness

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