Just by looking at a logo or diagram, you can immediately identify or associate it to something. Oftentimes, you are even able to remember the logo more than the name of the product. Thus, memory retention of your product is stronger when you have a logo. Therefore when considering your ecommerce web design, don’t forget to incorporate the logo for strong branding.

Branding Guidelines For Web Developers

Branding Guidelines For Web Developers

When Branding and Designing your Logo, it would be Helpful to Take Note of These Guidelines:

Firstly, you should provide a brand overview which has to be short and concise. This means that it should be made of only a very few words while still being able to state the vision of the company.

What is important is that you just don’t rely on text and pure words; using attractive and powerful photography can send a strong message. Carefully choose the photos and images that you include as it will reflect on your message.

Secondly, when making your logo, you should consider versions in different sizes, especially variations of its minimum sizes. You can also employ different colors while still specifying which colors are allowed. In short, there should be flexibility without compromising consistency.

Thirdly, you have to set clear the aspects of the brand logo that cannot be changed.

Important don’ts to remember when using the logo in the web design:

  1. Don’t emboss or add glow effects on your logo.
  2. Don’t place the logo on a busy background such as a pattern or image, or on a background color that is of similar color to the logo itself, there should be contrast.
  3. Don’t crop the logo, maintain the original logo’s features.
  4. Don’t distort the proportion of the logo by stretching it.
  5. Don’t replace any of the elements of the logo. Everything there has been placed for a reason and each of them has a connection or significance to the brand.

Fourthly, there is an important role played by white spaces or negative spaces in your logo. That is to highlight or bring the attention of the viewer to the aspect of the logo which is the most important.

Fifthly, take into consideration the typefaces like the spacing before and after, line height, and the font used for the headline and for the body.

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