It is amazing how the internet has changed and added comfort to the lives of people. Back when desktop computers were just new, we would get thrilled at how information was served to us after entering keywords on a search engine and hitting the return button. Eventually, we learned how to make purchases online, connected with people easier, and got things we wanted faster, among many other things. But the pace of internet technology has been uncontrollably fast, and now we are going mobile; thus, the birth of mobile ecommerce web design.

Ways To Design Mobile Website

Ways To Design Mobile Website

This day of tablets and smart phones, internet surfing has shifted from desktop to mobile. Therefore, websites need to be adjusted for on-the-go browsing, allowing users to continually get what they want whenever they please.

Since desktop-to-mobile redesign is inevitable, you need to learn these three ways in tweaking your mobile website:

1. Responsive Web Design (RWD)

This technique uses CSS3 media queries in order for website elements to automatically realign according to the size of the device’s screen. Designers use the same HTML markup for tablet, desktop, mobile, and other devices to achieve the said seamless layout compatibility. This also displays the same URL regardless of the device type your users have.

2. Dedicated Mobile Sites

This technique literally differentiates between a desktop and a mobile site. Here, designers create a mobile version of your desktop website from scratch; thus, compatibility across all devices is not an issue. Moreover, site changes are exclusively applied for the mobile version.

3. Responsive Design Serverside Components (RESS)

You can request the use of any of these three from your mobile app development in Los Angeles experts; they can surely determine the type you specifically need for your website. It is best to have the construction of your mobile site done by ecommerce web design experts and those adept in mobile web design in Los Angeles. For that, there is only one name that speaks of expertise and quality: “Interactive Web Solutions”.

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