In the past, desktops and laptops were good enough devices to keep us connected to the rest of the world and to our online transactions. But with the convenience brought about by smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices, the former are taking a step back as the latter are taking the limelight even in the world of web design. This has eventually led to the rise of mobile app development.

Responsive Web Design: The Best Practice for 2013

Responsive Web Design: The Best Practice for 2013

Data reveals that 40 percent of searches on the site came from their mobile app. Also, according to Jeremy Vanderlan, technical lead, the number of users who access the said site through their mobile devices has immensely grown to 30 percent from what used to be just 2.5 percent.

To get ahead in the competition of web design, online businesses need to recognize that having responsive design is the key. In fact, it is considered as the “hottest” trend today among web designers and developers as both small and large companies are already ensuring that their websites are also available in mobile devices.

However, Vanderlan also said that “The problem is that there is an ever-expanding universe of devices, and if you try to develop for every single one of them, you’re bound to eventually run out of resources”.

This is the reason why a responsive web design is considered the best practice of 2013 as it is a technique that enables all sorts of content to fit automatically to all device types including screen size as well as the preferences of users. It basically relies on a specific suite of programming and tools.

With responsive design, it’s really about making content available to everyone who comes to your site, as opposed to specifically targeting the mobile experience. Whoever is visiting is going to get the same content, but it will be tailored in the way they need it, regardless of whether they’re on an iPhone, a BlackBerry, a tablet, or a full laptop or desktop,” said Vanderlan.

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