At present, you may be using more frequently the Google Chrome browser or the Mozilla Firefox for web surfing. However, Microsoft has launched the Modern IE (Internet Explorer) which is designed as a platform that has the necessary tools for testing and improving IE compatibility. This is something everyone involved with Ecommerce Web Design should know.

Microsoft Introduces Modern.IE for Cross-Platform Web App Testing

Microsoft Introduces Modern.IE for Cross-Platform Web App Testing

Among the tools it has is the web scanner which web designers can use to identify issues and then find ways to correct or address them. Furthermore, it can also be considered among the ecommerce website solutions as it is able to give information on how compatibility may be improved.

The main purpose of this Modern IE is to help web developers concerned with web design be able to save time testing their websites on the different versions of IE like IE8 and IE9. With the Modern IE, web designers can ensure that their websites can function with all versions of IE, as well as with other browsers today.

Developers are spending too much time testing to ensure their sites work across browsers and operating systems. The resources on modern.IE are aimed at helping developers “spend more time innovating and less time testing,” said Ryan Gavin, General Manager of Internet Explorer.

So what makes the Modern IE different from the other versions of IE? For one, it has a feature that is called the “code detection wizard” that can very well scan your site for some coding issues which may hinder your user from having an optimum experience. According to Gavin, the Modern IE can resolve between 85 to 90 percent of the compatibility issues of your website.

The wizard doesn’t offer a complete checklist for coding the modern Web, but it is intended to focus on the things that can make a real difference in the overall user experience,” Gavin also added.

Another good news in relation to the Modern IE launch is that with Microsoft partnering with BrowserStack, it offers web design services providers three months of free use of the platform over the next 12 months.

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