Have you noticed how a new design or model of smartphones come out almost each week especially from Apple, Samsung, Blackberry, Android OS, Microsoft Windows Mobile, Palm OS, Symbian OS, and Linux? These observations are clearly an indication of the popularity of developing an ecommerce web design for mobile units.

Guidelines For Mobile Web Design & Development

Guidelines For Mobile Web Design & Development

ECOMMERCE Web Design and Development now need to include the mobile world. With the smartphone’s convenience as it lets the user or owner surf the net from anywhere as long as there is internet connection, mobile web design has become more important today.

If you believe that such will trend in the next few months, if it hasn’t already, then Take note of the Guidelines so that your mobile web design may be as successful as your web design for desktops and laptops.

1. Ensure that your Apps are Fast and Responsive

It is interesting to take note that while it is important to have an enticing visual for your mobile app, it is not everything. Even if you have captured your user to your app, it may not last long if the performance of your app is not exceptional. People will enjoy using it if it performs and delivers its purpose. Make sure that your apps are fast and responsive.

2. Make your App Stand Out

With the many apps available and even downloadable for free today, your app will have a lot of competition. It may even have direct rival apps that serve the same market and provide the same service. There is a need, therefore, for your app to stand out and make a difference. Let it do something more than what the usual rival can. With this, users will remember your app more.

3. Make your Navigation User-Friendly

Navigation should also be easy for mobile apps. Since smartphones have smaller screens and resolutions, the images have to be smaller so they can load quickly over cellphone data networks. These are all part of effective ecommerce web design.

4. Make your Target Larger

If you are targeting touch screen phones, then you should make your target larger as these are easier to hit or tap. This needs to be accounted when planning your ecommerce web design and development.

5. Test your App before Launching it

Always have your app tested before launching it because the smallest complaint or dislike from a user may cause you to lose that user, and even others who come into contact with that user or review, forever.

As part of your ecommerce web design and development strategy, research about mobile web design so that you can get more information and tips on and learn how to create an attractive site.

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