Another tool for web designers has been launched recently. Called the HTML5 Edge Reflow Web Design Tool, it is a concept born out of the responsive web design invented by Ethan Marcotte which allowed a single website to fit all screen sizes.

Adobe Releases New HTML5 Edge Reflow Web Design Tool

Adobe Releases New HTML5 Edge Reflow Web Design Tool

The HTML5 is software that focuses primarily on the creation of sites for different viewing platforms. The layout and format of a website will change to allow the viewer to see the site from where he opens it. Subscribers to Adobe’s Creative Cloud service may try out this tool and then return their feedback on the application for visual web development.

With this tool, providers of web design services may be able to create websites that are of “high fidelity” and are CSS-powered in a visual environment. Furthermore, the website designer may be able to extract the code to be used for other applications and projects. Therefore, with the new tool, layouts can be used to make other websites for different screen sizes.

It became clear to us that designers needed a way to create content that would reflow and work across different devices. While we were able to do that working in code, we realized that the ability to do that visually would really be important.” This is according to Paul Gubbay, Adobe’s vice president of product development.

Other upgrades that Adobe is making include that of the Edge Animate which is the website’s platform for web animation. There are now the CSS filters which help the user save time as he no longer has to get hard core effects through photoshop.

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