The concept of successful non-profit web design demands consideration of points including simplicity, accessibility, and emotion. Designing with these points in mind for the creation of a website’s home page is the start of a great relationship between organization and participants of all kinds. Whether they are a potential donor, volunteer, or a person in need, the first impression of an organization is often an assessment of its home page and the immediate thoughts stirred by the message behind its overall design.

To keep things looking simple and concise, a website should thematically follow suit around a well budgeted company logo’s color(s) and even font. Condensing multimedia visuals onto a home page can call for utilizing slideshows of the organization in action, relevant video clips, and even previews of current blog entries and calendar events. It is imperative that the people most actively involved with the organization have complete control over the emotional experience visitors are suggested to support, including an easy to find mission statement.

Lastly, in order to quickly address the various types of participation websites have been known to have appropriately labeled buttons or drop down menus placed where easily spotted (and even color coded) for continued navigation. Should the key points be consistently enforced throughout the website, following the home page, a non-profit organization should have more donations and patronage in just a few clicks away!

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