If you already have a website for your business, services or products, what is your primary consideration when planning the ecommerce website design and total appeal? Is it your product and service, your data and content, or your user?

Tips For Creating User Friendly Site

Tips For Creating User Friendly Site

If you answered the first two, then do not wonder if your website will not generate leads or sales. This is because the most important consideration should be your user and his or her experience browsing through your page.

When your customers’ user experience is positive, the customers not only stay on your website, but will tend to come back another time and have your website as their primary choice when they go online. This is because the user and their goal (example of buying) are bridged by navigation. Therefore, this bridge should be strong and sturdy so that the two will be connected and may result in the customer buying or engaging your services.

With this in mind, you, therefore, have to make your website design meet the standards to ensure sure that user experience is given the highest priority in your ecommerce website design.  Here are some tips from Ecommerce Web Design in Los Angeles, “Interactive Web Solutions”:

  1. Make page loading time shorter. Nobody wants to wait minutes for a website to open. Make use of the PageSpeed tool of Google so that you may test the load time of your page. You may also learn about the ways to improve user experience on your website. Remember that any customer will lose the impulse to buy or engage a service if the loading time of your website is longer than 3 seconds.
  2. Make them act. If your website sells products, make sure your customers know what to click to buy the products. Provide a button like the “BUY ME” button so that when the customers see it, they would be enticed to click on it. However, remember not to be too loud in choosing the colors and not to be using flashing text as this may annoy your user.
  3. Make a good homepage. Remember that this homepage is what your users see first when they search your site. The moment they decide to open your page, don’t give them the chance to change their mind so make a good homepage. It should be pleasing to the eyes and it should be easy to navigate. Make sure that the logo is clear and that you state what your business is all about.
  4. Content is also another important aspect of your website. When making content, it is not only about the information that you provide about your company or services; it is also about writing some informative content regarding the latest happenings in the niche where your business belongs.
  5. Your ecommerce website design should also include relevant images. Relevant should mean that the images are related to the product. Make sure that it, along with the text, should be of the right size that is proportionate to the entire web page.

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