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Asthma Athletics


Asthma Athletics is a non-profit corporation dedicated to the education and athletic training for children with asthma.  The goal of this group is to assist families and children enjoy a healthy and full life while managing asthma symptoms.   We believe that "Asthma can't stop athletes".  
Based on the tenant that in order to live a long and robust life a person must stay active and exercise regularly, Asthma Athletics was created to ensure that this generation and those in the future are physically fit and have the opportunity to prosper and thrive in any and all athletic endeavors they choose.

The Diamond concept is integrated within the programs:

Asthma Education
 Physical Fitness                                 ♦                        Medical Management
 Family education/support

Asthma Athletics asthma educators are Certified Asthma Educators (AE-C) encompassing: Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Nurses, and Respiratory Therapist.  For more information about Certified Asthma Educators visit the National Asthma Educator Certification Board website

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