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Alliance Inspection Management (AiM) conducts automotive inspections for consumer buyers and sellers with one vehicle to buy or sell, as well for domestic and imported automotive manufacturers, dealers, finance companies and fleet operators with thousands of cars. All of AiM’s clients share a common goal of verifying the condition of their cars and trucks through standardized inspections that guarantee consistent and accurate reports delivered in a timely manner.  AiM is the industry leader with nearly 600 highly trained field-based employees inspecting more than 30-million new and used vehicles annually throughout the U.S. and Canada.

 AiM is at the forefront of technology breakthroughs that are revolutionizing the vehicle inspection industry. AiM uses web-based scheduling and logistics integrated with a customer call center to ensure efficiency and customer satisfaction. AiM’s field- based inspectors are equipped with Panasonic© Toughbook© tablet computers and 3G cellular capabilities ensuring timely, accurate and consistent inspection reports are delivered online, usually within the same day of the completed inspection.
AiM provides an independent, third-party vehicle evaluation that serves as the electronic equivalent of the vehicle itself and can be used as a trustworthy bridge between buyers and sellers. AiM’s electronic inspection reports and photos are convenient for both large corporate clients and individuals who are buying or selling a used car. Corporate clients can easily share inspection web links with other interested parties such as insurance companies or far flung regional offices. For the individual seller, an electronic inspection report can make marketing on consumer sites such as, or more effective by increasing the number of potential buyers.  Individual buyers who order a pre-purchase inspection for a used car will gain confidence as well as enjoy the peace of mind knowing that a highly qualified professional has thoroughly inspected their potential purchase.  
Unlike many of its competitors who use part-time, contract workers, AiM inspectors are full-time company employees. From morning to night, their only job is to conduct vehicle inspections. AiM inspectors use customized software to ensure vehicles and other properties are inspected to a single standard, regardless of location. The company’s digital imaging, electronic signature capabilities, and real-time, detailed reporting and assignment tracking software provide clients with data analysis and reduce their reliance on outdated paper-based systems.
AiM began its operations in 2005 with the acquisition of AutoComm, Inc., a national provider of new vehicle inspection services. Building on AutoComm’s national presence, AiM quickly expanded its business to include pre-owned and off-lease vehicles. AiM was founded on the fact that existing inspection companies weren’t reacting to a changing world of technology. AiM President and CEO, Jim Yates, began the company after a 30-year career in the auto industry, most recently as Nissan’sDirector of Remarketing. Collectively, AiM management boasts more than a century of experience in key fields such as remarketing, vehicle inspections, fleet management, transportation, information technology and fleet portfolio performance. They have built AiM into a unique, customer-focused vehicle inspection company that utilizes technology to deliver process-driven accuracy, consistency, quality, real-time availability and true, third party independence to clients both big and small.
Headquartered in Long Beach, California with satellite locations in Detroit, Michigan, AiM’s 600 inspectors are field-based to provide local coverage throughout the U.S. and Canada. With more than 10-million vehicles inspected annually, AiM is well-positioned to significantly increase its business as the automotive industry adopts high technology answers to the challenges of efficiently managing new and used vehicle fleets and individual buyers and sellers recognize the value of an unbiased used vehicle inspection report when buying or selling a used vehicle. AiM is uniquely equipped to meet these challenges with industry-leading customer service, proven management, competitive pricing, advanced IT solutions, new car and used car inspection synergy and a national footprint -- all in the industry’s first truly independent, third party inspection company with no conflicts of interest or hidden agendas. AiM is the new standard in new and used vehicle inspections.

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